liminal imagery

fine art photography by Dan Jahn


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imagery has the power to transform and inspire

Images do more than preserve memories, communicate brand, add decor or illustrate product. I go beyond that, using imagery to create a distinct visual experience. Let me help you create a visual environment that reflects your experience and sensibility, and your dreams.
I create and produce original wall art and multi-dimensional custom photographic installations, transforming any residential, commercial or public space into a distinctive and original environment.

I use original images, reproduced with archival and high-resolution printing techniques on a variety of uncommon materials as well as novel installation methods.
1 // select an image
My library contains thousands of original photographs taken around the globe that are not available anywhere else.
I work with you to select an image that reflects your space and personality
2 // choose materials
I look for the most appropriate and distinctive material to create your unique visual experience, match the image to a material and matching the material to your specific space
3 // create & install
I work with you to create a novel installation scheme, custom designing and fabricating specialized hardware if needed, specific to your space, your needs, and the imagery

silk - acrylic - aluminum - wood - glass - shoji - canvas - steel - plexi - denim - cotton - backlit - vinyl - tyvek - wall covering - watercolor paper - washi paper - vellum - clear film - white film - glossy paper - satin photo paper - self-adhesive paper - self-adhesive vinyl - polypropylene - scrim - polyester

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Dan helped us create an incredibly unique office, work and display space for our new aircraft sales facilities. The combination of their creative design abilities, photography, and the materials they used — from huge silk banners and glass-like, three-dimensional artworks — have made the USAERO facility the talk of the general aviation community.
Jeff Puckett, president of USAERO